Shirley Avenue Apartment Landlord Pre-Screener

Apartment located in Cheektowaga, NY 14225 (Not Pine Hill Area)

This is the only path to a showing by the owner. This is private property and I need to know a little about you first before I invite you over. It is not a public apartment building, this is a special place that requires honest, serious tenants who want to escape the world of slumlords.

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What is your REAL Full Name?
Real names only, no handles or AKA’s
Specify your email address here so I can send you information and updates.
Enter phone number that is registered to you. Area code first.
Keep in mind this is verified with the previous landlord.
This is verified later with paystubs, W2’s and possible bank statements if necessary.
What is the source of your income?
The apartment does not include appliances. There is a washer and microwave however.
Do you understand that $1950 is due before move-in? (Security+First months rent)
This is the security deposit and first months rent due at lease signing.
A credit and background check is performed later if you like the apartment.
This is checked during a background/credit check required before lease is signed.
How many occupants will be living here?
Keep in mind the occupancy limit is 2
Are you comfortable living next to the landlord?
Have you given notice to your current landlord?
Have you ever been evicted from an apartment?
Do you smoke or vape?
This includes weed, vaping, smoking, etc. Any form of smoking.
Do you have any pets?
Now is your chance to stand out from the rest!
Do you feel comfortable with me running a credit/background check/rental history check later?
A credit/background check is required before moving in to verify your income before a lease is signed.
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