Rental Requirements for a good apartment!

Welcome! This apartment is in Cheektowaga 14225, not Shirley in Buffalo (14215) It is the Cleveland Hill Area.

  1. No more than 2 occupants. All of whom will live here MUST :
  2. Understand the apartment is not section-8 approved.
  3. Have a credit score of at least 650 or better.
  4. Make 3 times the amount of rent per month (975 x 3 = $2,925).
  5. Have a solid rental history (No first time renters).
  6. Have been at your job for more than a year (At the very least).
  7. Not have any pets, snakes, reptiles, fish tanks.
  8. Not smoke, vape, engage in drug use or be filthy.
  9. Be clean, quiet and responsible good communicators.
  10. Have a clean criminal background with no evictions.
  11. Own your own appliances (washer and microwave is available).
  12. Understand this is not a public apartment. I take screening tenants very seriously because I live here. All of your statements, income, rental history, credit, etc are validated later so please be honest or abort this mission entirely!
  13. Understand I make a great neighbor, down to earth, hard working and professional.
  14. Understand showings are by confirmed appointments only.

Take a look around (video tour)

Please view the video tour before asking questions. Also, visit the apartment details page for all the information you need on the apartment but be sure to complete the pre-screener before a showing is scheduled. I do not trust inviting anyone here without some preliminary information. Also visit the apartment details page by clicking here.

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